Professional Crisis Management (PCM)

What is PCM?

PCM is a crisis management system that has emerged out of 15 years of practical experience in dealing with severely aggressive individuals in home, residential, hospital and school settings. The strategies utilized in PCM are
based on scientifically verified principles and addresses a variety of behaviors. PCM was developed by Neal Fleisig, MS, CBA and is regulated by the Professional Crisis Management Association (PCMA).

Unlike other methods that teach intervention techniques only after individuals have become non-compliant, agitated or aggressive, PCM focuses primarily on prevention, before a crisis occurs. Although not every incidence of aggression can be predicted and prevented with 100% reliability, using proactive prevention methods can greatly reduce crisis. PCM System covers four (4) Crisis Strategies: Prevention, De-escalation, Intervention, Post-Crisis Intervention components, depending on the level of certfication.

Differences Per Level of Certification:


Professional Crisis Management (PCM) Level I or II:

Cost:  $125 per person (Level I) or $155 per person (Level II)

Do you work in an environment with individuals exhibiting crisis behaviors? Do you know how to protect yourself while also keeping the individual safe? 

Topics covered include:

  • Nonphysical PCM Strategies
  • Physical Intervention Strategies
  • Horizontal and Vertical Immobilization Strategies 

PCM Annual Recertification:

Duration:  Seven (7) Hours
Cost:  $105 per person

This intensive course fulfills the annual renewal requirement for currently certified PCM practitioners eligible for renewal. The course focuses on review of the nonphysical and physical strategies taught in the initial PCM certification course. 

Topics covered include:

  • Review of nonphysical PCM strategies
  • Review of physical PCM strategies

PCM Basic Practitioner:

Duration:  Six (6) Hours
Cost:  $55 per person

Learn prevention, de-escalation and post-crisis intervention techniques to reduce aggressive behavior.

PCM Retraining:

Duration:  Three (3) Hours – Written; Three (3) Hours – Practical
Cost:  $55 per person

Dates: Please contact Arc Educates to find out when our next class will be held. Call Heather Burton at (954) 746-9400 x2215 or send an email to

PCM Retraining is available for those who have failed in the written and/or practical tests of any PCM class (Initial or Annual Recertification courses). The Professional Crisis Management Association (PCMA) determines if the person is eligible to be retrained.

Contact us to Register for an Upcoming Session:

Contact Heather Burton, Training Coordinator, today by calling (954) 746-9400 x2215 or email in order to schedule a session for your staff. We can come to you too! To register online, check our Training Calendar for the next PCM classes and other opportunities to grow professionally and make yourself invaluable to your employer.

Note: Class prices are subject to change. 

Annual Recertification training is required for all levels and offered by Arc Broward. Note that our class size is limited to only 10 participants, so register today!



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